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 Kin - a Guild for You?

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PostSubject: Kin - a Guild for You?   Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:22 pm


The Feeling
Kin is first and foremost a friendly PVE-guild where enjoying ourselves comes before everything else. Many of us have played together for quite some time now, and we have seen people come and go. We feel there is a strong core of people in Kin who have a similar approach to what this game should be about, and our ambition is to try and make Kin a place where many can have fun together in a friendly environment.

The Progress
Even though we are a friendly guild, progress is needed in order for the game to continue being fun. Before christmas 2007 Kin were raiding 25-mans and we made it up to third boss in SSC (we killed Hydross and Lurker a few times, and had Maulgaar and Gruul on farm) but since some people left and we – the officers – decided to “clean up the guild” we have started 2008 with doing 10-mans again (Karazhan is on farm of course, and we are about half way into ZA atm). Sometimes one need to take a step backwards in order to continue in the right direction… We are currently trying to recruite some friendly, mature, skilled and decently geared players in order to get back on track with 25-mans again – but we are in no rush and we weigh each application carefully. Since 2008 we have been raiding 25-mans a lot, but also at times we have been forced to step down to 2x10-mans instead, as ppl have become inactive due to different reasons, but our aim is to raid 25-mans whenever possible. During summer 2011 we have had a "raid break" but still kept on doing 10-man Firelands on a regular basis - resulting in us being 5/7 bosses downed when we picked up "proper" raiding again in the middle of August 2011. Right now we are lacking a few ppl in order to get back to 25-mans again... so we do raid 10-mans.

The Raids
Being a casual and friendly guild does not mean that we are a bunch of slackers. We raid 3 times a week, and when we raid it is expected that each and every raider come fully prepared in order to pull their weight in the group. This means coming in a pure PVE-spec, with correctly socketed and enchanted gear plus potions, elixirs and buff food. Every raider also needs to be on ventrilo – as talking beats typing in every raid situation.

The Forums
There are a lot of different areas in the Kin forum and a good deal of thought went into setting them up, so we expect people to use them correctly. If you have a good spec, or levelling guide, spell rotation etc, put it in the class forum it relates to. The class forums are not for ”lol omg my class roxororororzzzzzzz u” and any posts like that will be promptly deleted and if you do it enough times you may well find your ability to post on the forums is revoked. All the forum topics are very self explanitory, and if you feel the need to post something of a more stray nature, the off topic is where it lives. This in not the Blizzard forums, you do not need to bump posts or reply to every thread on the forum with “lol” or “^^” or whatever other completely pointless crap you feel like uttering at that moment, again, off topic forum and hall of shame is where you vent your boredom…

The Chat
You may notice that one or two of us engage in a bit of friendly banter in the guildchat, this is because we are good friends and we know nobody will take offence, nonetheless we know our boundaries and so should you. If you don’t, then don’t engage in it. A living guildchat is a good thing, just as a living ventrilo where more than just a few people are heard, so feel free to chat and talk away…

The Loot
We try and build a friendly and helpful atmosphere within the guild and when not raiding we try and put 5-mans together for both normal and heroic runs. Never be shy to join or start a 5-man run whenever the urge pops to the surface. If somebody asks you to help them, it is a good idea to actually do it, as our loot system is based on a rather informal merit system. We do not use DKP and we aim to never roll for loot. We talk about the loot and if the members can’t sort out who is going to pass and who is going to get an item the officers will step in and give the item to the player they think deserves it the most. If you only log on to raid, slack during it, don’t speak to anyone in guildchat and are unhelpful, the only gear you’ll be seeing is the PVP-gear you will inevitably end up farming once the gkick comes. If you are helpful, chatty and make genuine efforts ”in and out of raids” you are far more likely to see loot coming your way. We would rather see a very dedicated, helpful and friendly player get an upgrade on their alt than replace a green item on somebody who is too slack to try and improve from heroics… Edit: We did not use DKP for a long time, but then used it for a couple of years, and now we are back to not using DKP...

To fully explain what Kin is about would require many pages of text, but if you after this short introduction feel like Kin might be the place for you feel free to make an application.

/The Officers of Kin
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Kin - a Guild for You?
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