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 Kiruaa wants to be a raider :DDDDD

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PostSubject: Kiruaa wants to be a raider :DDDDD   Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:03 pm

Real name: Lucy Edmondson
Age: 28
Nationality: England

Character Name: Kiruaa
Character Class and Level: 90 Hunter
Your talent main spec/off spec: Beast Mastery
Your "/played" on this character: 29 days


Please log out in your appropriate pve-gear. (Describe your gear status if not applicable):
I dont have the best gear at the moment! But i'm gearing her up as fast as possible.

Raid experience (Pre-TBC & Post-TBC): I just started playing in the end of wrath
Raid experience (WoTLK):n/a
Raid experience (Cataclysm): Raided Dragon Soul cleared normal with a few Hc bosses.
Raid experience (MoP): I am hoping to raid!. I've cleared normal MSV with you guys!!^^

UI screenshot (not optional):

What makes you interested in joining Kin? I was on Khadgar , But i had a break from wow for a bit. So when i decided to play again, i noticed that the guild had fallen apart, it wasn't even social anymore, but some of the members had moved To Draenor Kin, the realm was rather dead there too. So after a bit of talking to members that had moved, decided to take the plunge and move, the move was a good, within the first 5 mins of moving i notice it was a great realm !It was active and busy!! I was invited to the guild by Kittadin. Later on i moved two more chars to Draenor to join!

Why do you think you would be a good addition to Kin? well.. i guess cause when i geared up i would be a good player individually and as team, who doesn't want a hunter in their team to blame^^ BTW, i'm not the best player, but i'm not the worse, i try to learn everything possible i can for a raid, and my character. Smile

Are you always raid ready with reagents for buffs and stocked up on food buffs, pots and flasks? Yes at least i try to.

Do you have a working microphone, and Ventrilo installed? [No mike, no working vent, no loot] Yes i have Vent,Teamspeak and Skype. So Yes! Yes!

What guilds, on Outland/Draenor or your original server, were you previously in? I was on Khadgar with Judged Mental/British Armed Forces

Why did you leave each of your previous guilds? The Jm had fallen apart also the realm. British Armed Forces - I left because the guild, was i found very rude and inconsiderate people, so came to Judged Mental, as i knew people there. Smile

Are you alts in raiding guilds, if yes, explain why we don't deem this char an alt then?No.

What do you expect from us?To be able to raid and have fun with u guys!
Does anyone else play on your account or characters? No ALL mine!

Do you have previous MMO experience? I tried Rf online many years ago, but the servers went to Korean, unfortunately i can't speak Korean LOL
What are your professions? (Prof, skill level, specialisation) At the moment i got Lw and engineering , so i can make repair bot for raids, need get the mats sorted then, it will be usable for raids .Both maxed to 600

What Addons are u using? Deadly boss mods,Skada,Bartender and grid.

What time can you raid till on weekdays? (Server Time) Any is fine Smile
Is your connection stable (dc often in 25 mans?), your computer good enough to raid with? Not a great pc, but can cope with lfr and 10 mans
If you wish to raid with the guild are you able to attend on atleast 2 of the following week nights - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday? Yeah works just fine for me. If not some serious Real life thing happens. Ofcourse i think all guilds understand the term Rl before wow! Very Happy

Do you know anyone in Kin? Please write their name(s) and your relationship with them: I know some from Khadgar.Suiki, Damela,Ersa,Staarfall all from Judged Mental!

Is there anyone who would be willing to be your sponsor? (A sponsor is a good friend who feels that you are definitely a good addition to Kin, therefore giving you an advantage.) List name(s) please: I have no idea.
And finally, please tell us a bit about yourself: Hello i'm Lucy. I am a English, I live in the south of England, near a place called Brighton. I love animals, I own a dog and have 3 snakes:D I run dog walking groups for local people.I studied Animal college to learn to take care of animals. I started playing wow because of my RL played. !.[img][/img][quote][img][/img]
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PostSubject: Re: Kiruaa wants to be a raider :DDDDD   Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:59 am

I think this is a good apply tells us some what about you. Smile
As i see it your gear is ready for raiding so you have now been aproved for trialist
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PostSubject: Re: Kiruaa wants to be a raider :DDDDD   Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:27 pm

Thank you Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Kiruaa wants to be a raider :DDDDD   

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Kiruaa wants to be a raider :DDDDD
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